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Media and asset trade is an innovative, strategic marketing and financial resource utilized by business-savvy executives and their corporations to fuel marketing funding and asset recovery programs. As a WPP company, the world’s largest communications services group, Midas Exchange leverages our superior media efficiencies and resources to develop and execute transformative trading programs that deliver higher ROI and sales revenue for clients and partners. Midas' customized trading programs are held to WPP's high standards of accountability and delivery.

What is it?


What is media and asset trade? It’s a strategic marketing resource. It’s a way to benefit from the efficiencies and resources garnered by the world’s largest communications services group. It’s a model that more and more of the world’s most business savvy executives are utilizing to develop innovative, strategic marketing programs without increasing financial expenditures.  


Trade models are transparent, proven programs that creatively enhance marketing funding and performance, while meeting business and financial objectives.


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How does it work?


By utilizing its existing assets that are financial liabilities or underperforming, clients are able to restore their full value through our customized trade programs.

Successful trade models employ Midas trade credits which are invested into a client's existing media spend. The credits are issued by Midas to purchase client's asset, restoring it to full book value.

The Midas methodology for building successful media and asset trade models is simple. 

  • Understand Objectives
    Midas collaborates with your executives to learn the financial objectives of the company, as well as to identify existing asset, media and marketing components applicable to a trade program.
  • Identify and Evaluate Assets
    On the asset side, Midas identifies under-valued, underperforming assets appropriate for value restoration through a Midas purchase. Asset valuation is conducted and asset remarketing strategy is established.
  • Assess Media and Marketing Goals
    Midas analyzes the media/marketing requirements, specifications, and client benchmarks. Trade credit amount and usage timeline is constructed for media plan.
  • Deliver Strategic Plan
    Midas develops a client-approved asset remarketing strategy, which is incorporated into a customized trade transaction proposal that meets or exceeds business objectives.

Don’t have an asset that is viable for trade? No problem. Clients still have the opportunity to tap our massive buying power by placing media plans through Midas. Use Midas as your “on-demand agency” and receive media placements that meet all qualitative and quantitative requirements while delivering guaranteed cost efficiencies.


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