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Media & Asset Trade Benefits

Media and asset trade offers clients the only solution that enables corporations to garner the efficiencies of a significantly larger organization by leveraging its existing assets that are financial liabilities. By evaluating existing asset performance and identifying potential trade components, companies can dissolve financial obligations while maintaining, and in some cases even enhancing their advertising budgets. These trade models provide significant financial improvement via clients’ future planned and budgeted media.  


Midas enables companies to leverage trading models that are tailored to meet their business objectives, generating higher and faster returns on marketing investments. Trade models are transparent, proven programs that creatively enhance marketing funding and performance, while reducing cash outlay on future media and marketing expenditures.


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Financial Benefits


By utilizing its existing assets that are financial liabilities or underperforming, clients are able to restore their full value through our trade programs. 


All trade models are formulated within GAAP accounting standards. As an additional benefit to clients, Midas pays on a net basis and can work under the supervision of the client's agency. Since Midas delivers the media on a net basis, a client can pay its agency in full, as if they were handling the media buy.


Some overall financial benefits include:

  • Build or restore financial value to underperforming assets including excess inventory, real estate, capital equipment and more
  • Leverage our comprehensive catalog of financial and marketing resources to fuel marketing funding and asset recovery programs
  • Customize trade alternatives facilitate significant financial enhancement via future planned & budgeted media, that meets all qualitative and quantitative requirements 

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Marketing Benefits


Midas partners with you to think creatively about how to optimize your use of media and asset trade models.  Whether you’re looking to enhance your existing marketing efforts, or fund new marketing initiatives, Midas works collaboratively with clients to develop transformative trading programs that exceed expectations.

Some overall marketing benefits include:

  • Increase media budgets without additional financial obligations
  • Strengthen brand ROI and superior media efficiencies
  • Reduce cash outlay on future media and marketing expenditures
  • Assure savings on all media implementation which can be reinvested into media and marketing expansion or used to reduce budget expenditures 

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Partner Benefits


As a Midas partner, your organization is associated with the world’s largest communications services group with billings of US $76 billion and revenues of $19 billion. We work collaboratively with our partners to deliver unprecedented media and asset trade models that maximize their performance.

Partner benefits include:

  • Build new revenue streams by incorporating media and asset trade components
  • Expand inventory distribution into new channels
  • Align with the world’s largest communications services group

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